Ajayi Crowther University Post-UTME Past Questions & Answers PDF

By | May 21, 2022

The updated Post-UTME Past Questions for Ajayi Crowther University, Oyo State is available for grabs. To ensure that you are fully prepared for the Post-UTME, it is recommended that having fully compiled past questions will boost your chances of excelling in the examination.

This will also reduce the risk of going for the Post-UTME unprepared and unsure if you will excel.

Knowing this, you will also note that the Post-UTME Past Questions will aid you in securing your admission into the prestigious Ajayi Crowther University. Do you have fear that the Post-UTME to be conducted by the school management will be tough?.

Well, all Post-UTME are considered tough when there is little preparation done by the candidates which are either unprepared and get filled with anxiety, lack of past questions, lack of knowledge to know what format and concepts the Post-UTME will look like.

So having put everything into consideration, you now know how vital it is to secure your chance of getting admission by getting the Past Questions to study alongside preferred textbooks to boost your advantage over others by enhancing your speed in answering questions accurately because of discovering the format and concept of examinations set by the school management, as the examination is considered highly competitive by candidates.

How To Purchase Ajayi Crowther University Post-UTME Past Questions PDF

Make a bank deposit or mobile transfer of ₦2,000 only to the Bank Account below :

BANK  : First Bank  PLC

ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3099716856

 NAME : UDOINYANG, Nyakno Daniel

ACCOUNT  TYPE : Savings  Account

After making successful payment to the Account Number & Name listed above, send a Direct Message, DM on WhatsApp to this number +2347059791896 or click here

In the Direct Message on WhatsApp, list the following for easy sorting and identification :

  • Screenshot Of Payment
  • Name Of Depositor
  • Current Mail Address
  • Name Of The Particular Past Question paid for
  • The amount paid

After all these have been successfully done, once the payment has been received and confirmed, the Past Questions will be sent as PDF to the Current Mail address provided.

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